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Logging with ACL's

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Logging with ACL's

What is the expected behavior when appending "logging"  to the end of an ACL entry?  For example:


rule 10 permit udp source-port eq bootps logging 



I expected to see a log for every match that contains the source IP, destination IP and port but I'm not currently seeing that.  What I am seeing in the log is that this entry was matched "X" amount of times(see below), but no details as to source/destination/port.  Is that possible with the A-Series? Am I missing some additional configuration to accomplish this?  Thanks for your time.



%Jan 19 10:12:21:493 2012 <name_of_switch> ACL/6/log: Number 3147
rule 10 permit udp source-port eq bootps logging 12 packet(s)




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Re: Logging with ACL's

I am encountering the same issue. Did you get anywhere with this?


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Re: Logging with ACL's

Yes its really retarded of HP of not supporting proper logging, why on earth would I like to have a summary when I enable logging for a particular ACE within an ACL?


Anyone from HP who perhaps could enlighten us why this isnt fixed yet?