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Low throughput - HP A5500 EI


Low throughput - HP A5500 EI



In my network we have only HP A5500 EI, with Cat6 cabling and Lenovo laptops with Gigabit interfaces.

Doing some tests, I saw a weird thing (for me).

On side-to-side laptops, in the same LAN segment (same switch), using iperf  to test LAN throughput, I can only reach 170 Mbps in avg.

Doing the same test toward a Server in different LAN segment (goes to another sw via fiber trunk), I can reach 240Mbps in avg.

I have around 60 IPs sharing throughput (48 interfaces + wireless users) per segment.



Question,  this is a normal behavior or I'm experiencing a low throughput?


Users don't experience slowness in their day-to-day work (email, file server access, ERP, VoIP), but since my network have everything to run at 1Gbps (I know I'll never get that), I was expecting more than 170 - 240 Mbps.


What can I do to improve this?

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Re: Low throughput - HP A5500 EI

Don´t use Iperf on windows machines...
What about real world tests. Did you try some FTP transfers?
Did you use something else: