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MAD BFD with 2 devices

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MAD BFD with 2 devices


I have two 5700 FF devices linked with IRF and want to configure MAD BFD, so I followed the documentation at HPE and H3C but having trouble with the second member, wihich I can not ping and the link is marked as faulty.

For the MAD link, each of the 2 devices has a SFP tranceiver copper 1Gig T-BASE 1000 plugged in and connected with standard patch cable. Dedicated VLAN 1010 with dedicated net for this task.

[IRF-100]dis vlan 1010
 VLAN ID: 1010
 VLAN type: Static
 Route interface: Configured
 IPv4 address:
 IPv4 subnet mask:
 Description: BFD-MAD-VLAN_use_only_on_IRF-Stack
 Name: VLAN 1010
 Tagged ports:   None
 Untagged ports:
interface Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/40
 description BFD-MAD-IF_MEMBER
 port access vlan 1010

interface Vlan-interface1010
 description BFD-MAD-VLAN__do-not-use-elsewhere
 ip address
 mad bfd enable
 mad ip address member 1
 mad ip address member 2
[IRF-100]dis mad ver
Multi-active recovery state: No
Excluded ports (user-configured):
Excluded ports (system-configured):
MAD ARP disabled.
MAD ND disabled.
MAD LACP disabled.
MAD BFD enabled interface: Vlan-interface1010
  MAD status                 : Faulty
  Member ID   MAD IP address       Neighbor   MAD status
  1    2          Faulty
  2    1          Normal

I can ping and monitor IP  but not  Same with "stp edge-ports" in the interface settings. When I shut down the IRF ports,  can't ping and 107 but not 101 on both sides.  Strange thing.

Do I need 2 BFD MAD links for the 2 devices??

Thank you very much!



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Re: MAD BFD with 2 devices

Just curious...have you tried to disable STP on BFD MAD physical ports? ...something like, per each BDF MAD ports used (so specifically on Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/40 and Ten-GigabitEthernet2/0/40 in your case), stp disable.

Port Link Mode and Port Link Type should [*] be, respectively on each BFD MAD physical port, set to port link mode bridge and port access vlan 1010 (a setting, this one, you already have done).

interface Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/40
 description BFD-MAD_IRF_Member_1
 port link-mode bridge
 port access vlan 1010
 stp disable
interface Ten-GigabitEthernet2/0/40
 description BFD-MAD_IRF_Member_2
 port link-mode bridge
 port access vlan 1010
 stp disable

Have you also checked the SFP Transceiver status on IRF Member 2 Port 2/0/40? Is the Port OK?

northe wrote: Do I need 2 BFD MAD links for the 2 devices?

AFAIK no, with only 2 IRF Members...the IRF Stack requires just one single direct link (IRF Member 1 to IRF Member 2) for setting up the BFD MAD feature...that's is especially true because you are using Common Ethernet ports (and not Management Ethernet ports)...that configuration doesn't require an intermediate device just a single direct link between the two IRF Members (see here).

[*] As reference see here.

P.S. What Software Version is your IRF Stack currently running on? latest version Comware 7.10 R2432P03 fixed a (and also incorporates various previous) BFD MAD related issue.


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Re: MAD BFD with 2 devices


sorry for the delay.

The 5700 knows only link-type access, hybrid and trunk. So I followed the manuals and set it to access due to the fact that the frames passes the ports untagged. I also tried to set the "stp edged"-port to disable STP cause  there is no "stp disable" available. When I "undo shutdown" I can see that STP hits the buzzer.

I am runing the latest available verison r2432p03.

Afaik it is not possible to assign the management interfaces a vlan, so I am using a regular ethernet port for MAD.

%Aug 30 12:58:42:078 2017 hp1-100.v170824 IFNET/5/LINK_UPDOWN: Line proto.
%Aug 30 12:58:42:078 2017 hp1-100.v170824 IFNET/3/PHY_UPDOWN: Vlan-interf.
 %Aug 30 12:58:42:079 2017 hp1-100.v170824 IFNET/5/LINK_UPDOWN: Line prot.
%Aug 30 12:58:42:145 2017 hp1-100.v170824 IFNET/3/PHY_UPDOWN: Ten-Gigabit.
%Aug 30 12:58:42:148 2017 hp1-100.v170824 IFNET/5/LINK_UPDOWN: Line proto.
%Aug 30 12:58:42:149 2017 hp1-100.v170824 LLDP/6/LLDP_CREATE_NEIGHBOR: Ne.
%Aug 30 12:58:42:149 2017 hp1-100.v170824 STP/6/STP_DETECTED_TC: Instance.
%Aug 30 12:58:42:155 2017 hp1-100.v170824 STP/4/STP_DISPUTE: Instance 0's.
%Aug 30 12:58:41:433 2017 hp1-100.v170824 STP/6/STP_DETECTED_TC: -Slot=2;.
%Aug 30 12:58:41:434 2017 hp1-100.v170824 STP/6/STP_NOTIFIED_TC: -Slot=2;.
hti%Aug 30 12:58:42:481 2017 hp1-100.v170824 LLDP/6/LLDP_CREATE_NEIGHBOR:.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: MAD BFD with 2 devices

Hey, did you find how to solve non-existing stp disable command?

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Re: MAD BFD with 2 devices


afaik stp is disabled when edge-port is set.

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Re: MAD BFD with 2 devices

IRF shut all chassis ports when IRF split occurs therefore you have to exclude ports and Vlan dedicate to BFD MAD that will stay UP 

mad exclude interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
mad exclude interface GigabitEthernet2/0/4
mad exclude interface Vlan-interfacex

Normally BFD session will be down:

<Master>dis bfd sess
Total Session Num: 1 Up Session Num: 0 Init Mode: Active

IPv4 Session Working Under Ctrl Mode:

LD/RD SourceAddr DestAddr State Holdtime Interface
97/0 Down / Vlanx

 while when IRF occurs (all IRF links are down) BFD session will be UP and you,ll see the logs on console

 LD/RD SourceAddr DestAddr State Holdtime Interface
97/97 UP/ Vlanx