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MAD between two 5920s

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MAD between two 5920s

Can HP DAC cable be used for 10Gb MAD connectivity?

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Re: MAD between two 5920s

Yes. Any Reason because not? 10G is overdressed but of course the 5920 dont have others then 10G.




H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland
Richard Litchfield
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Re: MAD between two 5920s

FYI, I have used spare EVA 4Gb copper FC cables to setup MAD between various IRF pairs, including 12500 and 5900. The EVA cables also work as the IRF link on the 3600s where IRF works over 1Gb!


The 4Gb EVA cables report as unsupported 1Gb DACs. I used them because:

  1. I had them
  2. I could
  3. there was not always a pair of RJ45 SFP adapters, or pair of 1Gb optics available.