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MIB for H3C based devices

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MIB for H3C based devices



I am using HP S5800  ( H3C ) which runs on H3C OS. I have downloaded the MIB's . I want monitoring on bellow.  Which are the specific MIB I can choose ? The link to download given bellow. On my switches using New style. Is there a specific reference explaining on each MIB ?


- up/down,

- BGP, OSPF, routing changes,

- coldstart, warmstart.

- WAN changes.

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Re: MIB for H3C based devices

try this url:


I did a search for software downloads for JD332A HP 3600-48 SI, this displayed the 30MB mib file to down load.


hope it helps

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Re: MIB for H3C based devices

Where can I download the MIBs_V9.0.

I see the pdf of it has been published.