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Re: MSR sslvpn

Occasional Advisor

MSR sslvpn



Version :

HPE Comware Software, Version 7.1.064, Release 0605P13




Howto to make client to site VPN with sslvpn?

Is there more information about sslvpn?

is there client software for Windows 7/8/10?

Is this some leftower from H3C? will this be eventually removed?



[mainkex]display sslvpn gateway
Gateway name: norsslvpn
  Operation state: Up
  IP:  Port: 9878
  Front VPN instance: Not configured

[mainkex]display sslvpn context
Context name: norsslvpn
  Operation state: Up



Occasional Advisor

Re: MSR sslvpn

Got it somewhat working.


local-user testi class network
 password simple testi
 service-type advpn
 service-type ike
 service-type lan-access
 service-type portal
 service-type ppp
 service-type sslvpn
 authorization-attribute acl 3000
 authorization-attribute user-role network-operator
 authorization-attribute sslvpn-policy-group norsslvpn

sslvpn ip address-pool norsslvpn
sslvpn gateway norsslvpn
 ip address port 9878
 service enable
sslvpn context norsslvpn
 gateway norsslvpn
 ip-tunnel address-pool norsslvpn mask
 uri-acl norsslvpn
  rule 0 permit uri http://*
  rule 5 permit uri https://*
 port-forward-item norsslvpn
# Have we server on address port 19032. local-port 19032 local-name remote-server remote-port 19032 port-forward norsslvpn resources port-forward-item norsslvpn ip-route-list norsslvpn include ip-route-list test url-list norsslvpn heading testi url samplevpn url-value policy-group norsslvpn resources port-forward norsslvpn filter web-access uri-acl norsslvpn ip-tunnel access-route force-all resources url-list norsslvpn log user-login enable log resource-access enable service enable


this seem only to forward tcp either as webproxy or as local proxy trought sslvpn_plugin.exe(whis is basically service) or java tcpclient.jnlp

If used by .exe or .jnlp then address can be used from any client.


Not useful to me.