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MSR2003 - IP Address on JG739A Module

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MSR2003 - IP Address on JG739A Module

I'm new to HP-devices, but I didn't find any info on this forum or Google (or I used the wrong words)

We just have a new router MSR2003, with a JG739A-module for extra network ports.  When I try to set the IP-address this doesn't seem to be possible (on Gi0/0 I could do that), but not on a port of the module.  Is this really not possible?  What is the use of this module if it can't be accessed as a regular port?  Or maybe, more general, how should these ports be used, maybe I had the wrong idea about them..

Or should I make this an access port to a specific vlan, where I define the ip-address in the vlan configuration?  (here I get the message that I can't create the vlan interface, but I will first try to find more info on this as well)

Thanks in advance,


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Re: MSR2003 - IP Address on JG739A Module

Via VLAN it works, still interested to know more about the use of the module ...

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Re: MSR2003 - IP Address on JG739A Module

By default the port is set to link-mode bridge if you set it to link-mode route then it will behave like you expect.