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Mirroring Traffic from Comware to Hyper-V SET

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Mirroring Traffic from Comware to Hyper-V SET

Good Morning,

I'm trying to work out if the following is possible. I want to mirror traffic from our 5900 to a Hyper-V guest. The Hyper-V Host is connected to the 5900 via a switch embedded team. The only way I have been able to do this is by using a mirroring group with a remote probe VLAN, then setting that VLAN as the PVID on the trunk ports the SET connects to.

This technically works but is imprecise as we have multiple guests connected to the vSwitch that the SET connects to so technically all guests recieve the mirrored traffic. 

Is there a way to tag a remote probe vlan through a trunk port?


Re: Mirroring Traffic from Comware to Hyper-V SET


If your target is to tag the probe VLAN on the egress port, I think it can be done by simply tagging this VLAN on the trunk port facing your Hyper-V server's NIC.


# ! Configuration of mirroring source port/-s I left out of scope
vlan 4000
description Probe VLAN
undo mac-address learning enable
mirroring-group 1 remote-source
mirroring-group 1 remote-probe vlan 4000
mirroring-group 1 monitor-egress ten-gigabitethernet 1/0/2
interface Ten1/0/2
description Egress port towards the Hyper-V
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 4000
port trunk pvid vlan 1
undo stp enable

Hope it helps!


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