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Mixed IRF HPE 5130 48G 2XGT / 2SFP+

Nikolay Savov

Mixed IRF HPE 5130 48G 2XGT / 2SFP+

Hi Guys.

I just want to share this 50 cent i got with Stacking of 8 x 5130 EI

The problem i hit was the latest firmware !!!!
And i hit the WALL THE HARD WAY ....

My IRF topology stack was Mixed from DAC Cables ( 0.5 m) , Fiber patch-cords (30m ) and XGT CAT-6A copper cables ( 0.5m) among all 8 switches

Like i allays do i start with the latest FW from HPE
I have updated all 8 x SW to latest one :
5130 EI 7.10.R3207-US 01-Aug-2017
Then i have set first switch with all basic setup needed for WEB GUI
Then i have cloned the config to otther 7 switches ( i have changed the overlaping settings like name  IRF member 1 ,2 ,3 ...etc )
The i started the STRUGGLE with the IRF
First 3 was easy like 30 minutes but when i hit the 4-th and i had to use XGT ports and Copper CAT-6A cabels the the problem appeared
When you bind XGT ports to IRF configuration  they are stop even showing green LED link activity - even if i connect it to 1G port - and they acting like  are POWERD OF but THEY ARE ON in the setup ( GUI or ssh )

After almost 10 days STRUGGLE and multyple testings we have discovered that the problem is in the LAST 2 FIRMWARE RELEASES :

5130 EI 7.10.R3207-US - from 01 Aug-2017 - - XGT ports are not functionning in IRF config
5130 EI 7.10.R3116-US - from  27-Jul-2017 - XGT ports are not functionning in IRF config

Use this firmware :
5130 EI 7.10.R3116P02 from 06-Jul-2017
Boot ROM 147

- minor GUI problems but the IRF is working in stack of 8 with mixed IRF fabrics ( as the pictures below )

Members :
ID1 - DAC - ID2
ID2 - FO - ID3
ID3 - CAT6-A - ID4
ID4 - CAT6-A - ID5
ID5 - CAT6-A - ID6
ID6 - CAT6-A - ID7
ID7 - CAT6-A - ID8
ID8 - FO - ID1

I hope You guys  don`t hit the  problem  like i did  :)

For those that this is helpful  i`m glad to help.

For HPE - guys ...... where is  my  Jack Daniels  :)