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Multicast Configuration on a 5120 and 5800

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Multicast Configuration on a 5120 and 5800

I've never had to configure multicast before but I have an IP camera that apparently needs it now. The camera is setup on a vlan on a 5120 and the 5120 hooks up to a 5800AF that maintains the routing. The IP camera resides at (vlan 12) and the destination is various workstations on the (vlan 14). Now as it stands right now, I have a fairly default config. I know IGMP (multicast) isn't working as the camera is unable to send video to the client workstations. I am not really sure where to start and I can't find any example configs online. Can anyone give any advice?

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Re: Multicast Configuration on a 5120 and 5800

Hi L1nklight,

As usual, Google makes it easier to find than HP's web site: (Edit: links updated for the correct models.)

The commands you're most interested in are "multicast routing-enable" and "pim" in global context, and "igmp enable" and "pim dm" in interface context (assuming that PIM dense mode is what you're after).  If I'm remembering correctly, multicast routing is only supported on 5800 series.

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Re: Multicast Configuration on a 5120 and 5800

Long shot that you might see this...


On a L3 switch does PIM need to be enabled on each SVI to route multicast traffic?


For isntance, if my multicast source is located on VLAN10 and I want to route it to hosts on VLAN 20, do I  need PIM enabled on the SVI for VLAN 10 AND 20, or just the SVI for the source VLAN, in this case 10?