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Multicasting Problem

Occasional Contributor

Multicasting Problem

 I'm attempting to implement multicasting at one of our sites, but have run into problems whereby the multicast traffic is traversing a couple of our site to site links (and making causing the link to drop).


Is there anyway that I can block multicast traffic from traversing specific ports rather than specific VLAN's? I have attempted to use the igmp-snooping source-deny command which doesn't seem to have made any difference. I even applied this command to the link beetween the Core and the 5500-EI.


(Equipment specs)

HP-5500-EI - Switch with 2x 100Mb site link connections.


HP 5920-AF-24XG - Core Switch


HP 5800-AF-48G - Multicast source


Any ideas?

Occasional Advisor

Re: Multicasting Problem

If you want to block any IP multicast traffic from coming in on the port, you can just block it with an ACL.

acl number 3000
rule 10 deny ip destination
rule 20 permit ip