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Multiple LAN on a A3600

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Jacques Tessier
Occasional Advisor

Multiple LAN on a A3600

We want to connect 12 IP phones on the first 12 ports of the switch and 12 desktops on the next 12 ports.


The device is all fiber

The A3600 will be our access layer switch


We would like to assign 12 ports to 1 uplink port and the other 12 to the other uplink port.


Is this do-able, we heard that we needed 2 switches to segregate the networks between phones and desktops.


Our preference is to have the phones using a different IP range than the desktops


Our goal is to use all of the ports on the switch but treat the switch as if it was 2 switches.



Fredrik Lönnman
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple LAN on a A3600

You might want to look up how VLAN works, and stop listen to whoever told you its not doable.


One VLAN for phones and one for desktops, all set.

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