NBR discovery.

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NBR discovery.


We need to find 3com switches those are directly connected to each other. We can take help of NBR by giving display NBR. My problem is if we only have GUI enabled on switch ( 2816 switch ) how can we find out the directly connected other 3com devices.

Or how do we take a command line control or switch.

Give username, password and then give display nbr command. Or is there any other mentod of finding out directly connected neighbors of 3com swicth. That is ports not connected to any hosts but to another switching devices as all switches are in default configuration. with all ports in one VLAN that is VLAN 1.

Please share the experience.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: NBR discovery.


I think the 2816 has no feature that can help you.

Maybe someone other knows it better.

regards Manuel

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Re: NBR discovery.


The 3Com Switch 2816 is an unmanaged switch. It should not have an IP address, Username, or Password.

What are the other 3Com switch models that are connected to the 2816?



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