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NJ5000 interop with Provision

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NJ5000 interop with Provision

I have a site with low port counts so we have purchased a bunch of NJ5000s (JH237A - 5 port Gigabit) to add usable ports. Our backend switches are all Provision based but these NJ5000s are my first Comware devices.

Ideally I would have GigabitEthernet1/0/5 be my trunked uplink and also be the management VLAN interface for the Web. Then the other four ports could be for either computers (one VLAN) or printers (another VLAN).

I think this would mean:

GE1/0/5 is a trunk with a PVID 2 (the management VLAN) plus permitted VLANs 1 and 3

Then GE1/0/1 and GE1/0/2 would be access ports with a PVID of 3

And GE1/0/3 and GE1/0/4 would be access ports with a PVID of 1

But the uplink config is where I am having problems. I have my Provision switches set to tag VLANs 1 & 3 and untag 2.  The NJs only know about VLAN 2 and so can not even ping the other VLANs because they don't have a route.

Do I need to spell out static routes to my other VLANs? If I do a "display ip routing-table" then it's clear the NJ has no idea about the larger network it is a part of and there's no where to put a default gateway in other than a static route.


thank you for any help you can provide,