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NPS attributes radius with Switches A5800

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NPS attributes radius with Switches A5800

I have a Switch A5830AF-48G. I want to authenticate users with admins privileges with radius NPS (WINDOWS SERVER 2008)

I can authenticate user but they doesn't have admin privileges, only can execute command in this prompt: <switch>.

I can't find the correct attributes for NPS RADIUS for this switch.

the scheme radius is nps_radius.

Config on the switch:

radius scheme nps_radius
server-type extended
primary authentication key cipher yQo2cgq4mHSBnB9eJtC2SrWWSKTIc5Gj
user-name-format without-domain
radius scheme loteria
domain loteria
authentication default radius-scheme nps_radius local
authorization default radius-scheme nps_radius local
authentication login radius-scheme nps_radius local
authorization login radius-scheme nps_radius local
authentication lan-access radius-scheme nps_radius local
authorization lan-access radius-scheme nps_radius local
authentication super radius-scheme nps_radius
access-limit disable
state active
idle-cut disable
self-service-url disable


config on nps radius is attached



Thank you for you help



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Re: NPS attributes radius with Switches A5800


I came across your post while searching on the web, for the same problem you have/had. Did you manage to find the right attributes?

Thanks in advance