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Networkjack nj2000 PoE Problem

Occasional Contributor

Networkjack nj2000 PoE Problem


I have a strange issue with PoE and several Networkjacks.

These are my devices:

1) A stack with 4 Alcatel Omniswitch 6850 48Port PoE

- each Units provides 230W

- HW Rev 06

- Uboot Version:

- PoE SW Version: 00.0505.04

2) An office switch ALLNET ALL8084, 8Port (4Port PoE)

3) several Networkjacks nj2000

4) several Networkjacks nj105

The destination is to provide PoE to several nj2000's by one unit in the Alcatel stack. At the moment one nj2000 per unit is possible.

Tests i made:

1) Connecting the first device - everything works well. Connecting the second, it doesn't come up. Strange, hm? PoE budget is remaining enough.

2) Connecting several nj105's to one unit in the stack also works well.

3) nj2000's and the ALLNET switch doesn't like each other. When I connect one nj2000 to the switch, the PoE-LED of the ALLNET switch shines, but the nj2000 doesn't come up.

4) Connecting a nj105 to the ALLNET switch works well.

So, all devices promise to be specified for IEEE 802.3af. But there must be a difference between nj105 and nj2000.

How could I get rid of the Problem?

Thanks in advance,