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New to ComWare

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New to ComWare

Just received a new 5700 switch . I'm versed in Provision but not Comware, so perhaps someone can assist.


1) After connecting via Console, I need to set up an IP address for the device. In PV it's console, cli then memu, etc.

2) After setting the IP address, I'd like to connect to the switch via patch cable to continue the configuration via SSH or Web GUI (if there is one).

3) Since part of the initial configuration asks to set an IRF ID (master) is this necessary?


I've review the ProVision/Cisco/Comware command guide and the functional configuration guide, but I am at a loss.


Thanks in advance.




Re: New to ComWare - How to set up an initial IP on my switch

Need to have a more descriptive subject in there otherwise no one can read it or scan for it later :-)


Ok, the simplest way (assuming you have no VLANs, etc on the switch) is to do the following:


<HP> system



Then do the following commands:


vlan 1

  description This is a bad network to use


interface vlan-interface 1

  ip address

ip route-static

ssh server enable

user-interface vty 0 4

  authentication-mode scheme

  protocol inbound ssh

public-key local create rsa

public-key local create dsa


Obviously change the IPs to what you want.  This is the most basic configuration for a comware 5/7 based switch.  Note that typically you *dont* want to use vlan 1, but thats a longer topic.  If you want other vlans, change "1" for something else.  Additionally, you'd want to do something like:


vlan 14

  description Some network out there


interface gigabitethernet 1/0/1

  port access vlan 14