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Not able to get snmp information 4210 configured i

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Not able to get snmp information 4210 configured i


We are having seven 3com 4210  switches configured in cluster. ie One master + 6 members.  SNMP functionality has been enabled on all the switches using cluster snmp-agent command as per the 3com document. The SNMP information in all the switches are like 3com@cm0, 3com@cm1 3com@cm2 etc... ( Example only) . My requiement is to plot the network traffic utlization of the entire switch cluster using single SNMP. I am using prtg/cacti/mrtg for this. The thing is that when ever i access the snmp information with 3com@cm0 i was able to get master switch traffic only. If i use 3com@cm1 or 3com@cm2 i will not be in a position to get any thing. If any body in the group know the how to monitor the switch cluster using single SNMP string please let me know.


Thanks and Regards.