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POE PSE State is off on A5120-EI POE Switch

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POE PSE State is off on A5120-EI POE Switch


hi all,  I have a A5120-EI POE Switch but  poe  is not enable on it 

[BKMSWT1] DIS POE device
PSE ID SlotNo SubSNo PortNum MaxPower(W) State Model
4              1     0                24            170                  off       LSW124POED

[BKMSWT1-GigabitEthernet1/0/1]POE enable
The operation is not successful.

PSE ID : 4
PSE Slot No : 1
PSE SubSlot No : 0
PSE Model : LSW124POED
PSE Power Enabled : enabled
PSE Power Priority : -
PSE Current Power : 0 W
PSE Average Power : 0 W
PSE Peak Power : 0 W
PSE Max Power : 170 W
PSE Remaining Guaranteed : 170 W
PSE CPLD Version : -
PSE Software Version : 0
PSE Hardware Version : 0
PSE Legacy Detection : disabled
PSE Utilization-threshold : 80
PSE PD Disconnect Detect Mode : AC


How do I change the PSE State to on?



Re: POE PSE State is off on A5120-EI POE Switch


I have here a 5120 POE with me. I can turn on poe on the port without problem.

WIthout any poe device connected however display poe device shows the state as off as long as nothing is drawing power.

[SWE-tel-02-GigabitEthernet1/0/1]display poe device
 PSE ID  SlotNo SubSNo PortNum  MaxPower(W)  State  Model
 4       1      0      24       370          off    PD67124

but I can see that you get an error when trying to turn on POE on the port.

As you can see I don't get this error:

[SWE-tel-02-GigabitEthernet1/0/1]poe enable

This means something else is wrong. I can see you have a different PSE compared to mine. But they are both 5120 POE switches.

[SWE-tel-02-GigabitEthernet1/0/1]display poe pse
 PSE ID                           : 4
 PSE Slot No                      : 1
 PSE SubSlot No                   : 0
 PSE Model                        : PD67124
 PSE Power Enabled                : enabled
 PSE Power Priority               : -
 PSE Current Power                : 0        W
 PSE Average Power                : 0        W
 PSE Peak Power                   : 0        W
 PSE Max Power                    : 370      W
 PSE Remaining Guaranteed         : 370      W
 PSE CPLD Version                 : -
 PSE Software Version             : 413
 PSE Hardware Version             : 15
 PSE Legacy Detection             : disabled
 PSE Utilization-threshold        : 80
 PSE Pd-policy Mode               : disable
 PSE PD Disconnect Detect Mode    : AC

Can you share us the outputs of the following commands:

"display version"

"]display device manuinfo"

And if possible send us the output of "display diagnostic-information" but when the switch askes you save it to a file and share that file with us?




Re: POE PSE State is off on A5120-EI POE Switch

I think you may have to upgrade the PSE processing in full mode. According to this manual if you can not execute POE commands as successfully (as I can see when you try to enable PoE on an interface), this means your PSE Processing software is damaged, you need to upgrade it in full-mode.


Upgrading PSE Processing Software in Service

You can upgrade the PSE processing software in service in either of the following two modes:

l          refresh mode

This mode enables you to update the PSE processing software without deleting it. Normally, you can upgrade the PSE processing software in the refresh mode through the command line.

l          full mode

This mode deletes the PSE processing software and reloads it. If the PSE processing software is damaged (in this case, you can execute none of PoE commands successfully), you can upgrade the PSE processing software in full mode to restore the PSE function.

In-service PSE processing software upgrade may be unexpectedly interrupted (for example, an error results in device reboot). If you fail to upgrade the PSE processing software in full mode after reboot, you can power off the device and restart it before upgrading it in full mode again. After upgrade, restart the device manually to make the new PSE processing software take effect.

Follow these steps to upgrade the PSE processing software in service:

To do…

Use the command…


Enter system view


Upgrade the PSE processing software in service

poe update { full | refresh } filename