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PXE Boot timeout or takes long time


PXE Boot timeout or takes long time



I have the following setup:

  • 2x5700 with  IRF (via fortyG)
  • Uplink to 5406r via 10G (from each 5700).
  • vlan10 is the management vlan.

A server connected to one of the ports in the top 5700, has vlan100 untagged on that port. I boot the server, NIC is searching for DHCP, but nothing happens, no packets are seen in the server running the dhcp daemon.

Server boots to local disk, I run dhcpclient on that network interface, and after about 10 seconds or more I get an IP address.

now, ping and everything works fine.

It seems to be something with the broadcast, but I'm not sure.

Any ideas?