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Port Mirroring/Roving Analysis

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Port Mirroring/Roving Analysis

In regards to the 3Com Managed Baseline switches, can port mirroring/roving analysis be used without 802.1q VLAN tagging? I have not configured any VLAN's on the switch, I'm really just using it as a basic switch. However, I need to enable port mirroring for an IDS and want to ensure that if port mirroring is enabled, the switch strips the VLAN tag from the packets.

I know HP ProCurve switches tag the traffic on a mirrored port and don't have an option to disable it, which is awful. While Cisco switches you can turn tagging on or off. Of course with tagging on, most IDS's won't work properly.

Any information you can provide would be great. Thanks!
San Switch 16
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Re: Port Mirroring/Roving Analysis

"Of course with tagging on, most IDS's won't work properly."

Why you so have solved?

If you wish only to analyse packages, try to use any sniffer, for example Ethereal or WireShark.

For what purpose you mirroring port?

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Re: Port Mirroring/Roving Analysis

I had to login just to reply to this. That has to be the single most useless response on the internets, ever.