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Possible Hybrid port on Comware Switch 5930 conected to Procurve

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Possible Hybrid port on Comware Switch 5930 conected to Procurve


What I'm trying to achieve is probably not possible but I might as well ask for your guidance.

I am left with 2 switches (one Comware one Procurve) that are linked only by an access port. Now, this is something that was used as far as I could tell to connect 2 different VLANs that more or less have the same function.

Current config :

Comware SW:

interface Ten-GigabitEthernet1/2/13
port link-mode bridge
description VLAN102
port access vlan 3102

with VLAN 1 configured as follows :

interface Vlan-interface1
description Default VLAN
ip binding vpn-instance xxx
ip address 10.10.0.x

Linked to eth port 13 on :

Procurve SW:

vlan 102
name "XX"
untagged 13
tagged 15,A3,Trk1-Trk2
no ip address

with VLAN 1 configured as follows 

vlan 1
no untagged 13,16,19-20
untagged 1-12,14,17-18,A1-A2,A4
tagged 15,A3,Trk1-Trk2
ip address 10.31.1.x

So, basically on one side I have the port configured as access on VLAN 3120 and on the other side I have the untagged port 13 on the VLAN 102 , that's it, no other trunk between the 2 devices

This works as is, my problem comes when I want to add another VLAN on the same port ( this is the only connection I have between the 2 devices, no other easy way around ). I was thinking of making a hybrid port configuration on the comware sw and just tag the port on the new vlan on the Procurve switch. Downside of this is obviosuly the difference in VLAN association 102 and 3102. Can I use PVID in any way or any other workaround ? is using the hybrid cfg a solution here ?


Thank you ! 

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Re: Possible Hybrid port on Comware Switch 5930 conected to Procurve


you can use trunk configuration and allow only required vlans.

looks like both interconnected links are untagged with different vlans. What is your exact requirement.

Appreaciate if you can explain over diagram.


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