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Priority queue HP5500EI


Priority queue HP5500EI


One simple task.

Voice traffic marked with DSCP46, i want to put that i the priority queue.

This is my options:

 qos apply policy Voip inbound----Feels like more WRR queuing !?
 qos sp -------- Priority queue, does all traffic incomming on interface end up i priority queue?
 qos priority 6------This one does not feel relevant since the phone system i marking the packets with 46.
 qos trust dscp -------YES


traffic classifier VOIP operator and
 if-match dscp ef
traffic behavior TELE
 car cir 10000000 cbs 16000000 ebs 4000 green pass red discard yellow pass
qos policy Voip
 classifier VOIP behavior TELE


I only whant to protect the Voice traffic (DSCP46) all other traffic entering the interface will go in the FIFO queue.

Respected Contributor

Re: Priority queue HP5500EI

Shouldn't the policy be applied in OUTbound direction, on outgoing interface where priority queue is used?
You need  "qos trust dscp"  on ports where VOIP data comes in.
If all other traffic with DSCP unequal to 46 should end up in a single queue, you might edit the DSCP to QUEUE mapping table.