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Problem: Dscp to CoS with Switch 2226-SFP Plus

Occasional Contributor

Problem: Dscp to CoS with Switch 2226-SFP Plus

Hi All,

I've problem with my 3com switch 2226-SFP Plus, I've 3 Vlans on my network in one of these i've also voip packets.

I need to tag my voip packets that come in to the switch inside an untagged port with dscp code ef  with VID and with priority CoS .

At now my switch don't set the CoS, so all packets that came in an untagged port are tagged with the corret VID but they have priority 0 .

I thinks Switch doesn't read dscp code on ingress packet.

(In web configuration in the Dscp to Cos view, mapping Dscp--> Cos is correct, but doesn't work).

Are there any suggestion ? What should I do to tag priority code on Vlan packet ?

Really thanks



I think i've the last software version