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Problem with 3com Baseline 2928-HPWR Plus WebUI

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Problem with 3com Baseline 2928-HPWR Plus WebUI



New to the forum, hope I can get help here.


I recently purchased a used 3com Baseline Switch 2928-HPWR Plus 24 but upon accessing the webUI I seem to have a lot of blank unusable pages, I'm using chrome/internet explorer.


There is only a few usable pages on the webUI, not too sure how to access via telnet/ssh, or if there's updates for the firmware/software


Love some advise.



P.S. This thread ahs been moved from Switches, Hubs, Modems (Legacy ITRC forum) to Comware-Based. - Hp Forum Moderator

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Re: Problem with 3com Baseline 2928-HPWR Plus WebUI



I think the 3com 2900 series  resembles the HP1910 series. the

3com 2928-HPWR specifically matches the 1910-24G-PoE (365W) Switch (JE007A).


It should run comware 5, and you should be able to access the console configure it from there 

(enable the telnet- or ssh-server, to what fits you the best)


below is a link to the comware release 1103 manual, not sure what release your 3com runs)





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