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Problem with 5120-EI and guest-vlan/auth-fail vlan

Occasional Advisor

Problem with 5120-EI and guest-vlan/auth-fail vlan

Hello all,


been trying to resolve a problem I'm having on my setting.


At the moment we have a mix of Procurve and Comware switches. Along side this we have HP IMC/UAM in place already authenticating and placing users on correct VLAN.


My problem seems simple, but I can't point a finger on it.


On all Procurve switches we have configured the unauth-vid that places unauthenticated users on a guest vlan, and it works peachy.


On Comware switches (more exactly 2 IRF 5120-EI), i can't replicate the same, no matter what I try.


We need this to solve the problem of users that need to change Active Directory passwords, or be able to login users on computers for the first time.


Can you guys help me on this, point me in the right direction or present some example configurations for a port(s) that I can test?


Much appreciated


PS: All switches are on the more recent firmware versions.

Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem with 5120-EI and guest-vlan/auth-fail vlan

Same problem here, were you able to find a solution in the meantime ?