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Problems with 3Com 3300

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Problems with 3Com 3300

Hi everybody:

I´m new in this forum, and i´m new using thw 3Com 3300 switch, and at this moment i have a problem.

When i try to make telnet to dir ip that have the switch, any dir, usually show up the management console, but in this case the menu that show up is:

           SuperStack II Switch Layer 3 Module Configuration System

        Copyright (c) 1998,1999 3Com Technologies.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    Serial Number:                                                 xx.xx.xx.xx

    Mac Address:                                                  xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

    Boot Version:                              1.00 - Thu Nov 04 09:44:55 1999

    App  Version:                              1.00 - Wed Oct 06 16:31:19 1999

    IP Address:                                                     xx.xx.xx.xx

    Subnet Mask:                                                   xx.xx.xx.xx

    Default Gateway IP Address:                            xx.xx.xx.xx

1   Download software update ->

2   Reset to factory defaults

3   Exit

i choose the third option and then i´m out of the witch, when i make telnet again, this menu show up again, and i don´t know what can i do.

I appreciate anyhelp with this problem.

Sorry about the english, i´m just learning. Thks

Occasional Visitor

Re: Problems with 3Com 3300

Maybe really necessary to make upgrade?