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Re: QOS on HP FF 5930


QOS on HP FF 5930

Hi all,

I need to setup DSCP remarking on a HP FF5930.

Could someone help me with that. I read you could use ACL's for that.


Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Re: QOS on HP FF 5930

With the Comware products you will want to write an ACL to select the specific traffic you want to remark, and then you will need to create a traffic classifier, traffic behavior, a QoS policy, and then apply it to an interface.

This ACL/QoS policy example is written to select all FCoE data packets and all FCoE FIP packets. The classifier and behavior are used in the QoS policy to mean – “All FCoE data packets and all FCoE FIP packets should be remarked with a 802.1p values of 3”. To apply the QoS policy it is enabled on an interface.

This example uses Ethertype as the selection method. Depending on the ACL # you choose  you potentially have the following match criteria to choose from:

Match Criteria:

  • Source IPv4/IPv6 address
  • Destination IPv4/IPv6 address
  • Packet priority
  • Protocol number
  • Other Layer 3 and Layer 4 header fields
  • Layer 2 source MAC addresses
  • Layer 2 destination MAC addresses
  • 802.1p priority
  • Link layer protocol type


ACL/QoS Policy Example:

acl number 4444 name DCBX

  rule 0 permit type 8906 ffff

  rule 5 permit type 8914 ffff

traffic classifier DCBX operator or

  if-match acl 4444

traffic behavior DCBX

  remark dot1p 3

qos policy DCBX

  classifier DCBX behavior DCBX mode dcbx

interface ten-gigabitethernet 1/0/4

  qos apply policy DCBX outbound


Check out the Configuring Priority Marking section in the ACL and QOS Configuration Guide which also has some good examples. 


Re: QOS on HP FF 5930

Hi Bakerbas,

Thanks for the reply. The commands below can I use to remark the packets to DSCP value 18?


qos map-table dscp-dscp

acl number 3000 name Update_DSCP18
rule 0 permit tcp source-port eq 3389
rule 1 permit ip source
traffic classifier Update_DSCP18 operator and
if-match acl 3000
traffic behavior Update_DSCP18
accounting packet
remark dscp af21
qos policy Update_DSCP18
classifier Update_DSCP18 behavior Update_DSCP18
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/X
qos apply policy Update_DSCP18 inbound
qos apply policy Update_DSCP18 outbound
qos trust dscp