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QoS on JG976A

Occasional Visitor

QoS on JG976A

Hi everyone,

on switch JG976A the QoS does not work on ports 25-52, but the same qos policy applied globally works fine on the other ports (1-24). I think there is a bug in the firmware and I tried serious firmwares available in the official site, including the latest firmware.

Bellow is a part of the configuration file:

version 7.1.045, Release 3116P02


traffic classifier c-adm operator or
if-match acl 3050
traffic classifier c-ger operator or
if-match acl 3060
traffic classifier c-video operator or
if-match acl 3070
traffic behavior b-adm
remark local-precedence 4
traffic behavior b-ger
remark local-precedence 7
traffic behavior b-video
remark local-precedence 6
qos policy p-default
classifier c-ger behavior b-ger
classifier c-video behavior b-video
classifier c-adm behavior b-adm


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/48
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 1 12 100 211 4094
speed 10
duplex full
qos lr outbound cir 10240 cbs 640000
qos sp


qos apply policy p-default global inbound


p.s.: I tested the prioritization generating traffic with the software iperf