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Redundancy Implementation

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Redundancy Implementation

Hi All,

I have to implement redundant using following iquipments can any one propose how and way to do this had to be fully redundant network with 15 -20 VLANs

As per my knowladge MSTP for switching but i have problem with the firewall and the routers can i have to implement redundancy using rrvp for firewalls and routers if how could i do that



MSR 30-20------------------2


SecPath U200-A-------------2





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Re: Redundancy Implementation

Hi. I think you can use at the perimeter network (MSR30-20) a VRRP solution. At the SecPath you can enable load balance or create two security zones (I think that this platform supports this feature); the 7500 Series support IRF (Intelligent Resilient Framework), where the switches can handle the network traffic as a unique logical entity. The 5120 do support IRF also and can be connected to the core layer with aggregated links. The 4210 are the edge switches, I suppose, so all you need to do is to connect the 4210 switches using link aggregation distributed in the distribution/aggregation layer.

But, these are only hypothetic actions, so you have to check out if all the devices can implement these features.


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Re: Redundancy Implementation


I have a questions on regards to the STP root priority/secondary default values.

For instance If I use the command stp instance 1 root primary, the priority value will be set to 0 for that specific CIST, but what about if I use the command stp instance 1 root secondary, what will be its priority? How to know what is the priority assign to the switch using this command?

Appraciate your help and prompt answer!



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Re: Redundancy Implementation

Hi, Esteban.

Really, when you issue the command stp root primary the priority is automatically decreased. Ok. The value of the root secondary will be decreased also, but I am not sure about what is the value used in this feature. I don't have any device at this moment to try this feature, and actually I never pay attention to it because until this moment this value didn't make any difference.

At this scenario I suggested, the STP doesn't need to be customized, because when you enable the IRF feature the stacked switches acts like a unique logical identity. But if you want to do it, the 3Com switches can handle very well the MSTP instances only setting up the root primary and secondary.