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Replacement for Officeconnect Switches

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Replacement for Officeconnect Switches


I am planning to renovate my switch park. I currently own much of the Officeconnect line of HPE 1910 and 1920 models, but I have seen that these models are no longer sold. (

So the natural replacement is to go for the Aruba Switch 2540 and 2620 models that have recently been embedded in HP's portfolio to maintain the same features we had on HPE 1910 and 1920 models, especially if handling management via CLI?

Still in the OfficeConnect line is there a Switch that replaces the 1910 and 1920 models, since for me the 1920S that is shown as a substitute of the two on the HP site proved ineffective in my environment?

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Re: Replacement for Officeconnect Switches

HPE OfficeConnect 1910 and 1920 Switches series are both Comware 5 operating system based, new Aruba 2540 Switch series is ArubaOS-Switch operating system based [*] (I would not consider any 26xx actually) if you're planning to move from HPE OfficeConnect 1910/1920 to Aruba 2540 and you are used to manage your Switches mainly through CLI (which is strange given that 1910/1920 are declared as Web Based...and CLI is pretty much used to perform just initial IP configuration setup)...well...prepare to see a slightly different CLI command sets (that's typical ProVision vs Comware).

HPE OfficeConnect 1920S is only manageable through Web CLI...and it's not based on Comware operating system nor on ArubaOS-Switch operating's based on customized operating system based on Linux kernel.

The suggested migration path by HPE is 1920 -> 1920S, clearly it all depends on features your environment requires (CLI management apart) to select the right Switch series.

[*] ArubaOS-Switch (AOS) is the old HP ProVision operating system (used on HP ProCurve Switch series) rebranded and enhanced...used in the present Aruba's Switches portfolio.