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Request product certificate

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Request product certificate

I need UL certification(US or Canada) about J324A (HPE FlexNetwork 5130 HI Switch Series)


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Re: Request product certificate

Hi @hyunuk77,

HPE Product with SKU J324A doesn't exist.

HPE Product with SKU JH324A does exist (and it exactly matches with HPE 5130 48G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch product)

Not sure what exactly you're looking for (see here), just give this link a try.


Re: Request product certificate

Boy Parnassus, for someone who doesn't work for HPE, you found a site that I had never seen before!  Thanks!

That said, the United States and Canada are not even listed!

Hyunuk77, the label on the bottom of the chassis should show all of the certifications that we comply with.  Also, if you look in the Installation Manual, I think, the certifications may be there too.

If you need an official UL Certification document, and can't find it on the UL site, I can see what I can find. 



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Re: Request product certificate

I made a mistake. The required UL certificate is JH324A product.
I have checked the certificate UL mark on the bottom of the product, but I want to check the flammability rating.
I would like to confirm the UL certificate or UL file number of the JH324A product.

I would like to reply by email.

Thank you