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Reset HP A5120 24E1 switch

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Reset HP A5120 24E1 switch



I have this switch which is faling to boot properly. The first error I observed was:

Loading error in CRC checksum
No correct file to boot


When I tried to reset switch it failed. Now I am thinking of formatting switch then downlaoding the OS from a fucntioning switch and upload it to this one. Anyone with the steps to do this?


It will be highly appreciated

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Re: Reset HP A5120 24E1 switch

If you interrupt the boot process with a serial console cable connected, you can upload a new OS image via xmodem. I use a Linux system with minicom for this, but Windows Hyperterminal should work as well.

Don't be surprised if you upload a new image and the same problem persists. Images are checked when they are loaded and a corrupt image should be rejected before it is loaded into flash memory; therefore you probably have faulty flash memory and will end up needing to replace the switch.