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Reset IRF port counters

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Reset IRF port counters

Hi gang,


I have been troubleshooting fibre problems on some of my switches that were affecting the IRF links.  I have several sets of 5800 and 12500 switches linked by multiple 10Gb fibres for IRF, and have discovered that even one of those links experiencing errors will bring that particular switch pair to a crawl.


I have managed to clear the problem with the faulty fibre, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to clear the port counters.  The reset counters command excludes IRF ports for some reason, and my searches can't turn up any other way to clear the stats from them.  It makes it hard to check for any residual problems or slowly rising error counts when your counters are all 20 digits long.


Do any of you know a way to reset port counters on an IRF port without removing IRF from it?