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Ridiculously simple VLAN query (3Com 2924-PWR)


Ridiculously simple VLAN query (3Com 2924-PWR)

I'm almost embarassed to ask this, but I'm fairly new to VLANs so...


Test setup: I've a 3com 2924 in between our LAN and a WAP. The WAP is configured with a couple of VLANs, 668 for guest wifi, 123 for staff wifi.  Imagine that there are two test PCs on the LAN, (A) has a NIC configured for guest VLAN, (B) with a NIC with no VLAN configuration. I need (A) to talk to a guest (C), and (B) to talk to staff (D).


                                                            3com                                          WAP               (C)

                                ----                       ----                                          -----------          /

(A)---------------|      |       LAN       |      |                                        |    v668   +<

 v668                   |      |-------------|    ( X)--v668 & v123 ----|                  |

                              |      |                      |      |                                        |   v123   +<

(B)---------------|      |                      |      |                                        -----------           \

                               ----                       ----                                                                       (D)



What's working: (A) to (C). v668 from PC to WAP, all the way through, all switch ports are tagged '668'.


What's not working: (B) to (D). What I'm needing is for the 3com port connected to the WAP, port (X), to keep tag668 in both directions, to add tag123 to untagged outgoing, and to strip tag from incoming tag123.


Is there something fundamentally wrong with this idea?  I'd really appreciate some help with this, despite it being trivial, as I just cannot get it to work.


Fredrik Lönnman
Honored Contributor

Re: Ridiculously simple VLAN query (3Com 2924-PWR)

I see no problem with that.. can you post the significant configs from the switches?
CCIE Service Provider
MASE Network Infrastructure [2011]


Re: Ridiculously simple VLAN query (3Com 2924-PWR)

Thanks for the response Fredrik, you encouraged me to take another look and sure enough it was a silyl mistake - I'd completely omitted the port on the other side of the 3com to port (X), and once I'd configured that as untagged for v123 it all started working...


v668 continues to work as tagged right through, untagged traffic from the LAN gets tagged v123, and traffic from the WAP that's tagged v123 gets untagged for sending to theLAN.


The only problem I have now is that I can no longer get to the switch management interface, presumably because it's not on v123 (and unlike my 4200g switches this one has no setting for VLAN ID for management). Connecting another port (left at default settings) doesn't get me access either.