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Router HPE MSR954 Web interface

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Router HPE MSR954 Web interface

Hi everyone,

We brought the object router, and we wish to configure via web interface.
However, even if we downloaded every needed manuals from this website, we cannot find the right procedure.
The manual involved in particular is the "HP MSR Router Series Fundamentals Configuration Guide(V5)", pag. 74.
We cannot enter in particular the command "ip http enable".
At this point, we configured an interface (that we can ping), created the user admin as network-admin, binded with a client ip in the same network.
Can anyone help us?

Thank you all in advance!


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Re: Router HPE MSR954 Web interface

Update: I just received an aswer from HPE Help Desk.
They say that for now HTTP management is not supported, even if the manual say the opposite.
Now I'm stucked, I just have to wait for an upgrade.



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Re: Router HPE MSR954 Web interface

The MSR954 has a web UI. Go to System-View, web https-authorization mode auto, and voila, it's up and running.

Of course the GE0/X has to have an IP assigned either via DHCP or manually. Just plug the cable to the GE0/X and to the computer. Type the IP address and it will ask admin password.

The web-UI is rather simple but definitely neat for configuring basic setup. It doesn't have any support for WLAN configuration. It has to be done via CLI. Also anything more complicated too has to be configured via CLI.


If the router has a factory default setup don't forget, prior assigning an IP to the interface, turn it to ROUTE mode (PORT LINK-MODE ROUTE). By default G0/1 ... G0/4 are in BRIDGE mode.

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Re: Router HPE MSR954 Web interface


I have the same Problem.

I can't put the command in the Sytem View .

I have the MSR954 JH299A

Is there anything else to be configured bevor can activate

System View: return to User View with Ctrl+Z.
[HPE]web https-authorization mode auto
 % Wrong parameter found at '^' position.

TX for any help

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Re: Router HPE MSR954 Web interface



I got the same problem, but upgraded to

HPE Comware Software, Version 7.1.064, Release 0605P13

now i have webui, thou the webui it's kind of useless.


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Re: Router HPE MSR954 Web interface



Did you get this ever working I have same router , is it supportin web ui at all?




Re: Router HPE MSR954 Web interface

@FrancescoPonti @Rudi_bach @Salosalaneuvos

The router does have a GUI for management.

Please upgrade the firmware on the router to the latest MSR954_7.10.R0615P16(for JH296A), considering other GUI issues that are fixed.

After the upgrade you should be able to run the "ip https enable" command and proceed from there.




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Re: Router HPE MSR954 Web interface


Well yes I got gui after new firmware, but after this started getting error on cellular unit say sim card caused unknown error.

I tryed to fixin config creating even new one. No luck on that.

I put back old firmware and it started working fine.

Do I need some update also for cellular unit, did not find that.


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Re: Router HPE MSR954 Web interface


My ISP Singtel's appointed sub-con/partner installed a brand new HPE MSR954-W Wireless Router for my Singapore office last week. The onsite engineer claimed this model doesn't support Web Mgmt at all, to my surprise. As such, he failed to accede to my request for setup via web browser. Instead, he used console/command based.. I then signed off the job sheet as completed (unknowingly based on the wrong info he gave me.).

Today, I checked HPE's official website on this model, it says otherwise i.e. it does offer Web Mgmt as listed in its Specs.

I called the sub-con's Helpdesk & they clarified a firmware upgrade is necessary for the Web Mgmt to be available.

I then checked the latest firmware from HPE networking support lookup web tool & found it was released Nov 18.

Question: why is HPE not updating its firmware before selling to customers? considering the firmware was released 11 months ago.

The sub-con's Helpdesk in question now wants to bill me extra charges IF i want them to upgrade the firmware for me, as they claimed they do not do firmware upgrade as part of standard installation.

Without GUI, it is hard for me to upgrade router did not accept command "ip enable http", as others faced in this forum thread. 

Can someone pls provide me with most direct & simple way to upgrade firmware? Or is there alternative(s) to enable the web mgmt without firmware upgrade? Thanks in advance