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Routing between Vlans

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Routing between Vlans



we have a HP AI 5500 EI switch on which 2 vlans have been configured. inerface Vlan 50 and interface vlan 20.


int vlan-interface 50

ip address


int vlan-interface 20

ip address 


In vlan 50 all the servers are connected while in vlan 20 we connecting Motorpla IAP ( Intellagent Access Point ) which has 2 interfaces one is SBC interface ( connected to switch via UTP ip address other is transreceiver interface ( communicates with other wireless motorola equipments ip address


Now from the servers i am able to ping only one ip address i.e sbc interface ( while unable to ping other.


But from within same subnet i am able to ping both the ip addresses.


Kindly suggest what configuration i need to do so that both the ip addresses of IAP can be accessinble from servers






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