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Running OSPF over LACP trunk

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Running OSPF over LACP trunk


the idea is to run OSPF over LACP.

e.g. a ring of 8 pieces of 4800G. Instead of having additional (expensive) 10Gbit interfaces, let´s take 4 ports on each device and make a LACP trunk. Then activate OSPF and have some equal cost loadbalancing over it.

The question is, whether this will work?

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Re: Running OSPF over LACP trunk

I think that you don't need to setup balancing in the ports that belongs to the LACP group. Both protocols work at L2, and when you create a LAG (Link Aggregation Group) the switch itself controls the traffic flow in the ports. When you configure some routing protocol you have to create a VLAN that will be the OSPF peer, and then assign this VLAN to the port which is the connected to another peer. In your scenario, you will assign the peer VLAN to the LAG.

Try this: create the LAG and then the OSPF with one VLAN assigned to the LAG. I think that this setup will work fine. And don't forget to give us a feedback of your experiences.