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S5120 policy based routing / multiple next hop

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S5120 policy based routing / multiple next hop

Hi everybody.

I'm running a 2 units HP/H3C S5120 stack with IRF Link.
Firmware version is
Comware Software, Version 5.20, Release 2221P02
Copyright (c) 2004-2014 Hangzhou H3C Tech. Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
H3C S5120-28C-EI uptime is 5 weeks, 0 day, 15 hours, 26 minutes

H3C S5120-28C-EI with 1 Processor
128M    bytes SDRAM
16384K  bytes Flash Memory

Hardware Version is REV.B
CPLD Version is 007
Bootrom Version is 621
[SubSlot 0] 24GE+4SFP Hardware Version is REV.B
[SubSlot 1] 2 CX4 Hardware Version is REV.A

I would know if my system will support policy based routing or not.
My config has different vlan interfaces with their own IP address and I was trying to configure different gateways (next-hop) based on source vlan.


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Re: S5120 policy based routing / multiple next hop

Its been awhile since you posted but I though I'd answer what I could

See below an online howto for your comware version Version 5.2 doing PBR, it's only slightly different to what we do with our Compware 7 DD switches

Policy Based Routing for HP Comware (version 5.2)

Regards, Daniel