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SCCM Multicast

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SCCM Multicast

We are trying to setup Multicast support for MS SCCM to be able to push out images over the summer when school is out.  While we can connect and get the stream through PIM DM the performance is very slow compared to unicast.  Unicast doesn't scale on the server but the time to do upgrades via MC seems exceptionally slow.  It's a 3C 5500 core to either 4400 stacks or HP 2610 closets involved.  It does get the stream but performance is really bad. The MC streams show up on the core but the performance of routed Multicast  versus a Layer 2 session is pretty poor.


Anyone tune this environment or have suggestions?  Not yet sure if it's a core issue or other tuning to get better performance or are we stuck with the performance we have?  I know there are some options on the server but is that the answer or other tuning on the core and closets like jumbo support or other methods?


Any ideas welcome.





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