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Re: SNMP Facility Setting - Comware

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SNMP Facility Setting - Comware


  Is there a best practise for the SNMP facility settings on comware switches.

I have a customer who are asking for offical HPE best practise setting for SNMP facilities.

Another way how we can set different facility numbers for each different alert / alarm generated ?

For example fill a similar table as below on F5

 can we have envirenment erros on local 1, cpu / memory on local 2, acll / bgp / ospf on local 0, ... ?

F5 SNMP facilities.JPG


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Re: SNMP Facility Setting - Comware


The SNMP trap functionality is handled typically by a trap-handler on the NMS. (if on unix its snmptrapd) usually you have a script to handle the traps and parse the OIDs received, so you can just pipe into the log-files you like.

When you talk about facilities, its usually a syslog-thing. You need to look under information center (info-center). Normally your device only logs towards only one facility.


Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
Region Midtjylland
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Re: SNMP Facility Setting - Comware

Hi Soren,

  Thanks for the update.


Is there any table stating teh default SNMP facilities on HPE comware, like the F5 one, shown on the first post of this question..

What kind of logs sent by default on each facility number ?

Or i have to send all device logs to a single facility number ?



Wael Agina