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SPBM inter-op with Alcatel-Lucent (5940 with 6900) (untagged vs tagged)

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SPBM inter-op with Alcatel-Lucent (5940 with 6900) (untagged vs tagged)


is it possible to change HP behaviour where SPB IS-IS messages are sent untagged?

Alcatel sends them tagged. My guess is that is the reason why peers are not seeing each other .


From HP:

ISIS-SPB protocol frames are transmitted untagged on links. To prevent SPBM-enabled interfaces from dropping these frames, assign each SPBM-enabled interface to the port VLAN (PVID) as an untagged member. Make sure the PVIDs have been created on the device.

tried to remove vlan 1 from the SPBM enabled interface, no effect.
From ALU: 
The control BVLAN exchanges ISIS-SPB control packets with neighboring SPB switches on behalf of all BVLANs configured on the local switch. The control packets are tagged with the control BVLAN ID.

yet google states that Avaya, HP, ALu made an interop test few years ago.
This is my 1st HP (comware) switch, I might be missing something, we are considering to move to HP, but this hurts, we have many 69's with spbm.

Attached some wireshark screens with the frames.
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Re: SPBM inter-op with Alcatel-Lucent (5940 with 6900) (untagged vs tagged)


Is it possible to get the procedure/configuration HPE followed for that interop?  I am trying to connect HPE5900af with Avaya, now Extreme VSP4000 and ERS4850´s using SPBM.