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SPF port issue

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SPF port issue


We just bought a new 3Com® Baseline Plus Switch 2928 PWR, as you know this Switch has 4 SFP ports for use with fiber obtic cables, we have a problem with these ports. we connect this Switch with one of these ports with a fiber cable to our network and then connect an PC with a CAT 5 cable to othere 24 port, nothing heppend, the PC get no IP from the network DHCP, it get an privet IP

We tought maybe these 4 ports should be enabled before using them, but when we access the Switch we can see that these ports are enabled, and when we connect the switch to our network the green light of the port is on.

our othere switchs are 3COM 4200G  24 ports, does anyone knows if this is an compatibelity issue? or the problem is so thing else? this is some info on the port:

Port State Enabled PVID 1
Flow Control Disabled Link Type Access
MDI Not Support Speed Auto
Duplex Auto Max MAC Count No Limit
Broadcast Suppression 100%
Multicast Suppression 100% Unicast Suppression 100%
Power Save Disabled




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