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Re: SPF port "always on"

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SPF port "always on"



When connecting an HP A5500-HI to a carrier using a fiber SPF, we have a problem "turning the port on".


After a shut / undo shut, our port stays down, and only comes up after the carriers puts the port in a loop. When removing the loop, the port stays up...


The carrier asks if we can configure the port to be "up" (and emiting light) at all times? He talks about an "ALS" setting that could be disabled?


Does anyone know of a way to force the laser to be at all times, unless the port is shut?


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Re: SPF port "always on"

Never saw a feature like that. But I had a similar issue on a customer side.


Does your provider use DWDM? Is the connection 1G? => Then put the transceiver into the 1G SFP-Slot, not in the 10G SFP+ and fix the speed to 1G/full (I know SFP is allways fix).





H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland
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Re: SPF port "always on"

The port is an SPF. I'll try the forced speed trick in my next maintenance window. It is a 1GE port indeed, and I assume they use DWDM (optic is non-DWDM, but goes to a box of them that might do DWDM)