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SSH session to HP 5800 switches hangs

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SSH session to HP 5800 switches hangs


We use a couple of Windows 2008 servers as jump boxes to SSH to all our switches, both Cisco and HP.  This has been working great for a long time.  Recently, for some unknown reason, whenever we SSH to an HP 5800 series switch, the session hangs immediately after  I type a command with long output.  For example, 'display version' works great but as soon as I type in 'display current-configuration', the session hangs.  This is true regardless of which SSH client I use (putty, kitty, SecureCRT) on these two servers.  Now the same client can connect to Cisco switches without any issues at all.  Also, I can SSH to all the same HP switches from a third server without any problems.  All servers are maintained and patched to the same version so no differences exist as far as I know.

I have racked my brain for an explanation but cannot come up with one.  The only thing i can think of is that a shared Windows file or library that is used for establishing SSH sessions might be corrupt.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: SSH session to HP 5800 switches hangs


Did you try reboot the switch, or update its software?

kind regards

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Re: SSH session to HP 5800 switches hangs

Looks like an MTU issue to me.
On first too large packet, SSH session will hang

ping -l 1472 <SwitchIP> -f 
responds, then this isn't the case.