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STP Priority settings

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STP Priority settings

I don'have any swithes to test this but was reading some STP guidelines for HP 5900 switches.


The guide says, if configuring STP with mode RSTP, then by default the STP root priority will be 32786.  


If configuring the swith for root bridge then you can simply configure 




so, I am guessing that the above command with change the priority to "0" or "4096"


If I don't want to make the switch a root bridge, but to make sure that the priority is higher root bridge then I could opt for changing the priority manually so I were to configure the STP priority with 7 then what would be the actual prirotiy.  I am confused but the guide has a little not below and I don't know what it mean by (Note - in steps of 4096)


Does it mean 7 X 4096 = 28762 (Will be the swith priority)



STP Priority 7


(note – in steps of 4096)

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Re: STP Priority settings

Hi aali,


All that message means is that the number you choose needs to be a multiple of 4096.  So you could put in 8192 or 28762, but not 8191 or 28763.


I normally set all of my priorities explicitly rather than relying on "primary" and "secondary" to do the right things.

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Re: STP Priority settings



Provision allows you to use the multiplier (like span prio 7), but comware uses either the

stp root primary/secondary or stp priority xxx (where xxx is the actual value, no multipier). Use the ? in the CLI to see valid options,


Hope this helps,

Best regards,Peter