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STP between 5400 and A5830 switches

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STP between 5400 and A5830 switches

I have a Procurve 5412 as a core switch with root bridge with  switch priority 4096    and  FORCE-VERSION ---------[STP-COMPAITABLE]


We just purchased A5830 swtich and wanted to know if I change the STP mode from default MSTP to STP or leave it at it is.


The A5830 will be connected to Procurve 5412 as a trunk link to pass VLANs between each other and I don't want A5830 to become the root bridge. By default the switch priority will be 32786 so it shouldn't became the root bridge when the links at both end come up though.


5412 is running in production so I can't change the Mode to MSTP for now so need to make 5830 STP compaitable to 5412.









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Re: STP between 5400 and A5830 switches

Change the new switch to "stp mode stp".


Your production switch might be better changed to "rstp-operation", with the new switch changing from its default to "stp mode rstp", though.