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SW8810 Super-User

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SW8810 Super-User

I upgraded from 1.02 to 1.22 and now when I log-in to the SW8810 my account does not have enough privileges.

I need to create/recover a superuser account. I don't have and I cannot find how to do this.


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Re: SW8810 Super-User


We found an old email in Archived with the super user account.

The account we were using was level 3 but with this new upgrade you still need the superuser password.

Latin American Phone Support, told me my switch 8810 was discontinued and could not help me, and that the only option was to use the KB or pre-sales to buy a newer product.

This switch cost us close to $6 figures with all the modules and I had no support at all. I even offered to pay for support. That was my worst customer experience.