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Re: Schedule job at HP Switch

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Schedule job at HP Switch

Hi Experts,

There is an option/command of "schedule job at" to schedule any command to run at any specific time on HP A 5500 HI Switch. I can schedule any command to run only once. I want to use this / similar command to be scheduled at a time on a regular interval, like daily or weekly.

Can anyone plz help me to know how can I schedule any command to run on regular frequency?

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Re: Schedule job at HP Switch

Have you checked the Fundamentals Configuration Guide for HPE 5500?

Speaking about scheduling jobs, if periodic schedule is supported for sure you will find reference there.

When defining the scheduler schedule, in the case of periodic schedule, instead of define the non-periodic schedule via time at, time once at or time once delay, you should be able to define the periodic schedule via time repeating at or time repeating at interval.

Look at "Scheduling a task", if any.


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