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Scheduling a Config Backup

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Scheduling a Config Backup

Hey Everyone!


I was looking to do a config backup to a tftp server every 12 or 24 hours. My configs aren't huge (21 kb at the time of writing this post). My routine right now is to log in once a week and run a simple:


<switchname>tftp [ipaddress] put config.cfg config.cfg


Is there a way to schedule this and perhaps add a date/time stamp to the destination filename for uniqueness? On a Cisco switch, I'd simply run a kron job.


Thanks in advance! I appreciate any and all help. 

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Re: Scheduling a Config Backup

With schedule job, you can execute one command, but unfortunately without variables.


schedule job at 12:00 view shell tftp put test.cfg


But I suggest to use an external tool. i.e. Kiwicat tools is free onto 25 devices.






H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland
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Re: Scheduling a Config Backup

Cat tools, I completely forgot about that. Great idea.